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Bill Nardi brings over 30 years of broadcast operations, engineering and management experience to his role as VP Broadcast Integration at Dejero. His expertise includes field, studio, and engineering operations, as well as the development of advanced newsgathering technologies. Bill blogs tips for overcoming the technical challenges of broadcasting from remote locations.
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Don't Let a Call Interrupt Your Mobile Stream

Today’s tips and tricks post was inspired by the question: Will an incoming call interrupt the stream if you’re live on a smartphone?

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Live Events: Solving the Bandwidth Challenge

Covering special live events is exciting, challenging, and exhausting. News crews are often in the field for days or weeks at a time, running from place to place so that viewers don’t miss a second of the action. On top of the crazy schedule, each event comes with its own unique set of challenges for broadcasters.

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Drift No More

Nothing ruins a good broadcast like lip sync problems. When the timing of audio and video is mismatched, it distracts viewers, and the message in your broadcast is lost. Viewers spend more time focusing on the synchronization issues instead of what is said. They might even get frustrated and watch something else.

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Content Sharing: Just a Phone Call Away

Have you ever wondered: Is there any way I can share a newsfeed with another station? Or is there any way I can get a newsfeed from somewhere in a different part of the world?  

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