Czech TV live streams Prague Marathon with resilient Dejero connectivity

July 10, 2024

Local production company Livecast counts on Dejero Smart Blending Technology™ for connectivity on the move

Waterloo, Ontario, July 10, 2024 Dejero recently provided Czech production company Livecast s.r.o with EnGo mobile video transmitters, a GateWay network aggregation device, and a WayPoint receiver to deliver uninterrupted connectivity of Czech Television’s live coverage of the 2024 Prague Marathon, which saw 8,000 participants take part.

Runner crossing the finish line at the 2024 Prague Marathon
Dejero delivered uninterrupted connectivity of Czech Television’s live coverage of the 2024 Prague Marathon

With the help of Dejero connectivity solutions, Livecast was able to deliver live camera feeds along the 26 mile route to Czech TV’s CT1 TV and the event organizer’s YouTube channel, from a helicopter covering a 20 km diameter, a motorbike, and a car.

The Dejero EnGo mobile video transmitters, each fitted with six SIM cards, simultaneously combined signals from three diverse cellular network carriers to deliver resilient and reliable connectivity as Livecast camera operators followed the participants through the streets of Prague, overcoming the inevitable network congestion created by the 15,000+ people at the start/finish line.

Livecast has been providing production services to the national broadcaster for its coverage of Prague’s 13 mile half marathon and its 26 mile full marathon since 2015.

Dejero EnGo in a backpack attached to a motorbike
A Dejero EnGo transmitted live camera feeds from Livecast’s motorbike following Prague Marathon runners

“Dejero solutions save us a lot of time and logistics – the units are quick to set up and easy to operate, and we had wonderful coverage across the entire Marathon routes without any breakups.” said Honza Strohner, CEO, Livecast s.r.o. 

“In the years prior, we were using RF transmitters, which are far more complicated. Motorbikes would transmit to the helicopter, where the signal was embedded together with cineflex, and then sent back to the OB (Outside Broadcast) compound. Being able to combine LTE networks using Dejero makes the transmission far easier and more cost effective.”

A Dejero WayPoint receiver, located at the temporary OB compound, reconstructed, decoded, and outputted the video signals from the EnGo transmitters to Czech Television’s platforms. A Dejero GateWay, also fitted with six SIM cards, provided Livecast with reliable internet connectivity at the start/finish line.

Dejero EnGo and GateWay feature Smart Blending Technology which combines connectivity from diverse cellular and other IP network providers to create a virtual ‘network of networks’, ensuring access to a far greater coverage area than any single provider can deliver.

Dejero EnGo in a backpack in a remote production setup
Livecast s.r.o relied on Dejero EnGo, GateWay
and WayPoint for its remote production of the 2024 Prague Marathon

Livecast uses Dejero Control cloud management system to adjust parameters in even the most challenged environments and on the fly. “With Dejero Control, our camera operators are free to concentrate on their work. All the settings are made remotely so our productions are stress-free,“ shared Strohner. 

“Dejero has a very supportive team of engineers. It keeps improving the product with every new firmware release. They really listen to their customers,” he concluded.

The 2024 Prague Half Marathon took place on April 6, and the Prague Marathon on May 5, 2024.

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