Rogers Media Streams High-Quality Live Video to Facebook with Dejero

June 27, 2016

Facebook Live broadens audience reach and increases viewer interaction opportunities for broadcasters

facebook-live-smallWATERLOO, Ontario — June 27, 2016 — Dejero, an innovator in cloud-managed solutions that simplify the transport of live video and real-time data across remote or mobile IP networks, today announced the ability to stream from Dejero mobile transmitters and apps to Facebook Live. Dejero’s solution provides broadcasters, such as Rogers Media, a simple way to stream high quality live video to their Facebook audience.

Cloud-based technology enables broadcasters to reach new audiences that tend to view content away from traditional broadcast channels with original and supplemental content. It also enables broadcasters to more easily interact with and respond to their live viewers.

According to David Boorne, Manager of Broadcast Operations, Rogers Media, “Dejero’s virtual cloud server is an easy-to-use system that enables us to quickly and efficiently stream high-quality live content to our audiences, using RTMP to social media platforms such as Facebook Live. Dejero’s ability to reliably deliver exceptional picture quality as part of the package is an added bonus.”

From virtually any location, broadcasters can route live content through Dejero’s LIVE+ Cloud Server, which is managed via the LIVE+ Control cloud-based management system. The server sends an RTMP stream directly to the broadcaster’s Facebook page, and the content is simultaneously pushed to its Facebook followers’ newsfeed as a high-quality live video stream. If followers miss the live broadcast, they can view the video on the broadcaster’s page at a later time. The video remains available for as long as the broadcaster desires.

“We are very conscious that more and more viewers are sourcing content from non-traditional broadcast channels and that broadcasters need to be able to use these social video platforms further and engage with these type of viewers using live content,” said Brian Cram, Dejero’s CEO.

“With Dejero’s network bonding technology providing connectivity virtually anywhere, broadcasters can go live from remote locations, even while on the move. With Facebook Live, broadcasters can use their existing Dejero technology, including the professional transmitter equipment and mobile apps to broadcast high-quality live content to their Facebook audiences.”

Output to Facebook Live is managed using Dejero’s LIVE+ Control management system, which simplifies the workflow of going live from remote locations over bonded IP networks including cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet or satellite. The simple web interface allows operators to quickly identify, geolocate, and remotely control transmitters, configure on-premises and cloud servers, monitor both the mix and the health of the IP network connections in real time, and route content to SDI or online playout workflows.

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