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The Support Files: How to cut and edit in the field with File Transfer

We're all familiar with going live, and the Store & Forward option on Dejero’s transmitters – but did you know that you can use the File Transfer feature on your transmitter to send your cut and edited packages back to the station?

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The Support Files: Tackling Error Messages 09 and 17

There’s nothing worse than getting ready to go live and boom, an error message pops up. As part of The Support Files blog series, we want to tackle some of the more common error messages that pop up on your devices. First up, we’re going to explain Error 09 and Error 17.

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The Support Files: Controlling the Bitrate in LIVE+ Control

To set the stage, it’s 30 seconds until it’s time to go live from the scene. Lighting’s good, talent’s ready, and the equipment is in the right spot for the perfect shot. Last thing to do is hit the "GO LIVE" button on the EnGo.

It’s a scene many of you are familiar with, but one part of the process was missed.

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The Power of Livestream in Microsoft's Intelligence-Led First Response Platform

To catch a criminal nowadays involves a lot more than what movies and television shows would have us believe. Today’s crimes are much more complex, and given the volume at which they are happening, crime is becoming even more difficult to control. Microsoft took notice of the challenges law enforcement were facing and came up with a solution that will equip patrol officers with the technology needed to take action.

This is where Dejero comes in. 
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