Easy-to-use Connectivity Service Adds Reliability to Support Your Live News and Event Coverage

January 16, 2019

Breaking news and live event coverage is competitive and knowing you can confidently go live from any scenario lets you focus on what matters most—capturing compelling content. Don’t limit yourself from going where you need to go to get the best content, the fastest.

Offering the best of both cellular and satellite connection paths, the HEVC capable Dejero CellSat solution intelligently blends cellular connectivity from multiple mobile networks with Intelsat’s Ku-band IP satellite connectivity, giving broadcasters the confidence to reliably deliver exceptional picture quality in scenarios where cellular bandwidth may be limited.

Multiple antenna options
Built to help broadcasters achieve the best results, CellSat is a highly reliable solution to consider when looking to improve your connectivity services. CellSat can be deployed with easy-to-transport fly-away systems or drive-away systems that can be temporarily or permanently mounted on a vehicle.

Mark Blanchard at Global News Canada was in charge of the live pictures going back to TorontoSome broadcasters needs can be met with versatile, more compact fly-away systems like the one used at the Royal Wedding, when traditional SNG vehicles may not be appropriate for the location. Portability is crucial with the need to be agile and move from location to location to get the latest, breaking content.

Dejero CellSat WLEX-TV FrontLine Truck Apr 2018 (1)Replacing traditional satellite trucks or building smaller, more compact vehicles with drive-away systems like WLEX-TV did, the desire is the same; a highly reliable, on-demand broadcast solution, and ideally one with hybrid transmission capabilities. No, we’re not talking about how the vehicle is powered, but the use of different transmission paths such as cellular and satellite, for added flexibility and reliability.

Quick and easy set-up
In addition to the portability, fly-away and drive-away systems can be set up quickly. The auto-acquire system makes it easy for crews to set-up and get on the network in minutes. With no booking required, CellSat offers convenient reliability enabling crews to go live with confidence in any scenario.

See for yourself:


Offering the best of both cellular and satellite, the Dejero CellSat solution intelligently blends cellular connectivity from multiple mobile networks with Intelsat’s Ku-band IP satellite connectivity. When the cellular signal alone isn’t strong enough, CellSat will automatically blend in Ku-band IP satellite connectivity to boost bandwidth ensuring high-quality live video.

A multi-award winning, unrivaled connectivity solution that's flexible and easy to use and set-up, adding CellSat to your broadcast toolbox will give you the confidence to go live in any scenario.

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