CuePoint return video and teleprompter features help broadcast industry stay connected

November 11, 2020

@ErikNasoIn March we quickly recognized how critical a timely flow of accurate information is, especially in isolation. We realized that we needed to be educated and informed of what was going on around the world, now more than ever.

Forced to transition to work from home setups, journalists and anchors alike found themselves without the luxury of expensive studio equipment and looking for ways to provide the same seamless and reliable broadcast experience that we’ve grown accustomed to.

So how do we enable them to achieve this safely, during — a phrase all too familiar now — these unprecedented times?

We’re the experts in connectivity and in this new age of remote work, this is crucial.

This is where innovative Dejero technology — specifically the CuePoint return video and teleprompter servers — come into play.

CuePoint return video servers send low-latency, live program video and teleprompter feeds to on-air presenters, camera operators, and other production personnel in the field to help them stay synchronized with central production during live broadcasts.

Imagine you’re a news anchor. You’re trying to go live from your home setup. You want to provide the same studio-quality program, but you’re lacking the tools and visibility to see how you’re appearing on camera. CuePoint allows you to receive a return video feed on any device with as little as 250 ms of latency. 

There are two key factors worth noting — two boxes that CuePoint simultaneously ticks — the ability to contribute remotely, in order to ensure business continuity.

  1. Remote Contribution: CuePoint ensures that journalists who are having to rethink traditional work flows are still able to broadcast compelling content, without the studio equipment they previously had access to.
  2. Business Continuity: The ability to contribute polished broadcast-quality coverage remotely, ensures that business can continue despite any hurdles.
CuePoint is “simple, reliable and easy to explain to the end-user.”
Matt Groeteke, news operations manager at KTLA


No more administrative hurdles for guest access

With social distancing measures still stringent, you may need to host a guest remotely. Does the whole thing unravel? We’ve thought of that.

Our most recent update enables return video feeds for easy guest access. Administrators no longer need to set up and grant access to Dejero Control for guests. Links can be sent to multiple people and will expire automatically. All a guest has to do is click the link that's shared with them  — no need for administrators to create additional guest credentials on the back-end.

CuePoint provides studio-calibre return-video and teleprompting to remote guests and field crews without any other specialized equipment. Temporary, low latency return-video and teleprompter access for guests, on-air talent, and VIPs in a simple link, viewable on any device with a web browser.

More compact CuePoint 50 available now

CuePoint 50

Recently, we launched the CuePoint 50. With the exact same capabilities as its predecessor built into a more compact, short depth form factor, the CuePoint 50 thrives in the field. It’s the ideal size for production vehicles or portable kits, remote productions, and broadcast vehicles.

Eight months ago we could never have expected to be in this position, but social distancing prompted by the pandemic has forced the broadcast industry to improvise and adapt. Though it’s true that the current global situation accelerated the need for reliable remote workflows, the shift was inevitable — with this type of technology the possibilities are both endless and imminent.

Dejero is here to work with you so you can do your best work. Contact us today.

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