Dejero EnGo: only mobile video transmitter to be certified with FirstNet® for public safety first response

November 1, 2023

EnGo 3 and 3s are the only FirstNet Capable™ mobile video transmitters available on the market, providing reliable ‘always on’ connectivity for first responders

Waterloo, Ontario, November 1, 2023 Dejero, an innovator in critical connectivity solutions proven to deliver high-quality live video and real-time data over IP, has announced that its EnGo 3 and 3s have met the standards for supporting the critical operation needs of public safety agencies and are now the only 5G supported mobile video transmitters in the market to be certified for use on FirstNet.

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FirstNet certification includes both hardware and software-based security requirements and verification by a third-party test facility for use in public safety

The EnGo 3 and 3s 5G mobile video transmitters work seamlessly with Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) and other video sources to deliver secure real-time high-definition video to commanders and tactical teams over FirstNet and 5G networks. The EnGo 3 and 3s provide commanders with greater situational awareness to make faster, smarter, and safer decisions for their field personnel; whether for search and rescue operations, observing crowd movement and safety at events, or directing firefighting resources.

FirstNet certification includes both hardware and software-based security requirements and verification by a third-party test facility. In particular, FirstNet requirements include verified and audited criteria in the areas of access controls, communications security, configuration security, connected services, credentials security, data privacy, data security, firmware security, hardware security, software security policies, security updates practices, trusted computing, and ongoing vulnerability testing policies. 

“Security is of the utmost importance to our public safety customers,” said Cameron Smith, Chief Technology Officer at Dejero. “Our R&D team has worked relentlessly on our security infrastructure to ensure that the first responders, who rely on our connectivity solutions, have the most reliable and secure connection possible to be able to do their jobs safely and effectively.”

EnGo 3 and EnGo 3s
Dejero EnGo 3 and 3s are the only mobile video transmitters available on the market that are FirstNet Capable™

Dejero network aggregation devices, the GateWay 211 and GateWay M6E6, are FirstNet Trusted™, and have been providing reliable wireless internet connectivity to public safety teams since February 2021. Used for applications such as voice, video, and data communication, GateWay delivers critical connectivity whilst in nomadic or mobile environments, and adds wireless connectivity to fixed locations.

“When public safety agencies and first responders see the FirstNet Trusted badge they can be confident our solutions meet FirstNet’s strict cybersecurity and network connectivity requirements,” said Smith. 

Dejero Smart Blending Technology™ powers the EnGo mobile video transmitter and GateWay aggregation solution by simultaneously blending multiple wired (broadband/fiber) and wireless (3G/4G/5G, Wi-Fi, satellite) connectivity from multiple providers. This technology delivers enhanced reliability, expanded coverage, and greater bandwidth from even the most challenging and remote environments.

FirstNet Trusted devices undergo network connectivity testing to ensure they will work on the FirstNet network; they must support access to the FirstNet Evolved Packet Core using a FirstNet SIM, auto-provision IMS services after SIM installation, maintain always-on priority across Band 14, and all of the AT&T commercial LTE bands, and meet band priority selection technical requirements.

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