Dejero takes flight at IWCE and ISC West

March 30, 2022

On Wednesday, March 23, 2022, Dejero took to the skies in sunny Las Vegas with a live drone demonstration as part of our participation in the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) and the International Security Conference & Exposition (ISC West). 

While Volatus pilot Dean Attridge flew the drone, the real story was unfolding on the ground. Gathering video footage with a drone is only one part of the puzzle. To really unleash the potential of the system, you need a reliable, strong connection that gives your people the information to make critical decisions, no matter where they are. By transmitting the live UAS feed from Allegiant Stadium to five screens at the two shows, we showcased Dejero’s ability to increase situational awareness in emergencies and large-scale events.


With the help of our partners Connectronics, IP Access, Rajant, and Volatus, we leveraged a variety of Dejero technology in the demonstration:

Enhancing mission-critical communication

The event allowed Dejero to highlight how having the right technology can enhance mission-critical communications from anywhere, including using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). With people’s advanced ability to communicate, organize, and execute a disruptive incident, things can quickly go from business-as-usual to chaos. The frontline response has to keep pace and counter-act to safeguard people, assets, and infrastructure under the most challenging conditions. 

“We’re excited to show agencies how to unlock new opportunities for their UAS programs,” said Michael Stanton, Director of Sales, Americas, at Dejero. “Now you can globally distribute high-quality video in real-time so everyone involved in your mission can have the same level of situational awareness.” 

Rajant panel at ISC West 2

Michael spoke at ISC West as part of a panel entitled ‘Rapid Escalation—Enabling Situational Awareness: Interoperability Networking for Frontline Response.’ They discussed how officers and guards can outpace a rapidly escalating occurrence with full situational awareness if they have the right network to connect and convey voice, video, and data in real-time when armed with state-of-the-art technology.

Improving situational awareness with Unmanned Aerial Systems

UAS are rapidly shifting the landscape for many industries and operations across the globe. When it comes to keeping people safe, you need to be confident that your communications will be clear and reliable, no matter the conditions. The ability to deliver low-latency, real-time video and data opens up new opportunities for drone programs, from improving situational awareness to enhancing search and rescue capabilities beyond visual line-of-sight.

Providing situational awareness to everyone involved in your case or mission is now possible with Dejero. Whether it be members of your department, or operations involving a multi-agency team, multiple people can watch the same incident as it happens. 

“Not only are we making it easy for the UAS pilot to go live and reliably transmit low-latency video, but we’re also enhancing situational awareness,” said Jeff Mondlock, Public Safety Solutions Manager at Dejero. “It doesn’t matter if command staff are on-site, at an operations center miles away or across the country. Our connectivity solutions provide real-time tactical video distributed anywhere you need it. “

Dejero solutions work seamlessly with many UAS solutions to send high-definition tactical video in real-time and perform in scenarios where there is damaged infrastructure. Our technology is designed to be easy to use so that there’s never the added stress of needing to worry about connectivity—or being an IT expert. Enhanced situational awareness is at your fingertips, with just the touch of a button.

Learn more about our UAS solutions, or contact one of our experts today to book a demo.

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