Dejero's mission-critical connectivity at Dell Technologies World

Ivy Cuervo
May 25, 2023

Thousands of people are still feeling the positive vibes from Dell Technologies World 2023 which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada from May 22-25. The company’s annual premier event plays host to high-value customers, prospects and channel partners from around the world. This marks the second year since its post-pandemic return, drawing more attendees and showcasing even more leading-edge tech. 

On day 2, Dell Technologies introduced Project Fort Zero to provide an end-to-end Zero Trust security solution for global organizations to protect against cyberattacks. 

Project Fort Zero builds on the momentum of a powerful partner ecosystem. It brings together more than 30 leading technology and security companies, including Dejero mission-critical connectivity, to create a unified cyberattack defense solution.

Bogdan Frusina Speaking Image

Dejero Founder, Bogdan Frusina, speaking to the crowd at Dell Technology World in front of the Project Fort Zero mobile operation center.

In a news release issued by Dell Technologies, Herb Kelsey, its industry chief technology officer for government explained that "Zero Trust is designed for decentralized environments, but integrating it across hundreds of point products from dozens of vendors is complex – making it out of reach for most organizations."

Dejero’s award-winning Smart Blending Technology is an integral part of Project Fort Zero. Our mission-critical communications technology powers tactical operations to deliver greater situational awareness and reliable, real-time information, even in the harshest environments.

“The complexity of configuring and protecting the edge is constantly changing. Integrating Dejero Smart Blending Technology in Project Fort Zero helps to ensure robust and resilient connectivity,” said Kevin Fernandes, chief revenue officer at Dejero. “Command vehicles no longer need to depend on just one network to transport video and data signals in critical situations because Dejero devices aggregate diverse connectivity paths from multiple providers to deliver enhanced reliability, expanded coverage and greater bandwidth.”

Mission-critical connectivity you can count on

Dejero provides connection diversity, redundancy, and continuity by aggregating multiple networks into a single service for resilient connectivity. Our technology is being deployed by various public safety and defense agencies because: 

  • It’s easy to deploy
    Personnel don’t need the added stress of worrying about connectivity for communications — nor do they need to be IT experts. Dejero provides a dependable and easy-to-deploy solution for field operations.

  • It improves situational awareness and response
    Enhance surveillance and control capabilities during tactical operations by transmitting real-time video and data from the field to help commanders make faster, better informed decisions.

  • It’s reliable connectivity in extreme conditions
    Get the instant connection diversity, redundancy and bandwidth required for real-time video and data in situations where 'regular' connections are denied, disrupted, intermittent and limited.

  • It integrates QoS management for contested environments
    Our flexible Quality-of-Service options, including application traffic prioritization, provide optimized traffic management in demanding and disadvantaged tactical network environments.

Dell Truck Image

Dejero Founder, Bogdan Frusina (left), inside Project Fort Zero mobile operation center featuring our Smart Blending Technology. Photo courtesy of Sachin Ohal.

Dejero is proud to be part of this important initiative to help protect people and businesses. Project Fort Zero's advanced maturity Zero Trust solution will be available to public- and private-sector organizations within the next 12 months. 

Mission-critical connectivityfor a safer world


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