Digistor completes Dejero equipment refresh at Network 10 as the “solution that has it all”.

December 9, 2019

Digistor-DejeroDigistor, channel partner and system integrator for Dejero has recently worked with Network 10, an Australian news and entertainment network, to conduct a complete product refresh for their breaking news coverage workflow. After extensive evaluations carried out by Network 10 and with the assistance of Digistor, Dejero was the company of choice amongst alternative technology solutions on the market. Network 10 was impressed with Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology and how it would amplify their breaking news coverage efforts. 

Network 10 had already recognized the immense value of blending cellular connections from multiple network providers and how it can transform the delivery of quality broadcast feeds, so when Digistor came in with the latest Dejero EnGo and WayPoint equipment for the refresh, it was an easy decision. 

Rafael Oort, BCC supervisor from Network 10 explained, “It’s always hard to predict live cross windows in breaking news, so booking in satellite windows, as we previously did, became expensive and inefficient and we needed an alternative.”

“It could be rapidly deployed while delivering low latency, HD and SD formats and broadcast quality for live or pre-recorded content,” he continued. “The Dejero solution provided high-quality video at low bandwidths, was cost-effective and flexible. It also enabled us to send content either live or via store-and-forward back to the station.”

network10According to Oort the benefits of the Dejero solution didn’t stop there. He added, “The Dejero’s ability to handle poor cellular network conditions is another major bonus. Then there are further benefits in the system’s adaptive bitrate encoding to automatically minimize visual artifacts in footage that goes live to air. Finally, Dejero provides 24/7 support for our camera crews, which is also a must. Our crews are deployed internationally and need to be able to call for technical support around the clock. In other words, the Dejero solution had it all.”

As a long-time Dejero user, Oort speaks highly of the evolution and quality of Dejero solutions, particularly the ability to go mobile, allowing camera crews to go live from a backpack and not tethered to a long cable. Oort continues, “We’re also becoming more confident with Dejero’s technology as it has become more widespread globally.”

Having a presence at large events such as the Olympics, IRONMAN Australia, and the Royal Wedding to name a few, having integrated return IFB to remote crews makes the entire live cross setup seamless from an MCR perspective. Oort explained, “The crews can power on, transmit and be live in a matter of seconds, anywhere in the world, without having to line up cumbersome microwave links and SNGs. This functionality was particularly effective during the last Olympics where, because of the Dejero infrastructure, we were able to deploy multiple crews and file all our stories at minimal cost.”

Network 10 has implemented Dejero solutions for the delivery of live and pre-recorded HD and SD news and sports content and for their production programs. The network appreciates the ability to supplement their DENG and SNG resources with more live content from the field domestically and internationally through their fleet of 20 Dejero transmitters. Oort added, “A single camera person can be deployed at short notice and be live from anywhere in the world. Fast, flexible and efficient.”

Digistor has also played a crucial role in supplying and implementing Network 10 with their solution refresh. Oort concludes, “Over many years working together, Digistor has been excellent to deal with and always understanding of our needs. Much like the Dejero solution, it doesn’t get any better than that.”

This piece was originally published on Content + Technology.

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