Imagine there’s no internet…

July 11, 2022

It’s easy now we’ve (unintentionally) tried. 

Perhaps if the late, great John Lennon was still alive today, and just happened to be in Canada on Friday, he may have been tempted to rewrite his famous lyrics.

A massive outage at a major telecommunications provider brought down internet and cellular service across the country. Everything from government services, airport arrivals, and emergency 911 services to banking and payment systems for businesses and individuals were impacted, not to mention the millions that were unable to use their cellphones. 

People couldn’t withdraw cash from bank machines, send e-transfers or pay retailers by debit or credit cards. Whether in the office or working remotely, connectivity was lost. Even a local radio station was knocked off the air. And to make for a miserable start to the weekend, The Weeknd had to postpone the first stop of his world tour in Toronto because of the ongoing outage. 

Critical infrastructure 

Like electricity, natural gas, and water utilities, internet access has become critical infrastructure in today’s interconnected world.

And it’s becoming even more important. From AI and IoT, to AR/VR and Big Data, access to cloud services and corporate data centers via the internet is vital for organizations embracing digital transformation. 

Organizations with critical connectivity needs know the importance of diversifying the networks they depend on to remove the risk of relying on a single network. Dejero makes that happen.

Starting out 14 years ago; Dejero helped revolutionize live news with bonded cellular technology, by combining multiple 3G cellular connections from different wireless providers into a single service. Essentially, it created a big enough data pipe to send broadcast-quality live video from crews in the field back to the facility for transmission to viewers around the world. Relying on cellular infrastructure to send video over the internet was a major cost savings — about a tenth of the cost — compared to the satellite transmissions of the time. Connection diversity was, and still is, key.

Simplifying multi-network connectivity  

Fast forward to 2022, and Dejero has evolved its Smart Blending Technology™ to not only combine multiple 3G/4G/5G cellular connections, but also GEO/MEO/LEO satellite and fiber/DSL/cable fixed broadband connections. In fact, combining any IP connection into a ‘network of networks’ is possible. It not only delivers enhanced reliability, but also expanded coverage, and greater bandwidth for data-intensive applications. 

Managing multiple and very diverse connections is no easy feat. Dejero dynamically and intelligently manages the fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss, and latency differences of individual connections in real-time, seamlessly redirecting packets and maintaining session persistence if connections degrade or are lost.

The result? Uninterrupted connectivity and elimination of the vulnerability of downtime with a single network. Friday’s outage underscores the importance of this. What happened in Canada can happen anywhere.

Eliminate vulnerability when networks fail

Dejero has simplified network diversity and gives organizations the power to prioritize connections and applications to help manage costs or network utilization based on their unique needs.

Today, it’s not just broadcasters using this technology to inform and entertain us. Film, TV, and commercial production companies have embraced the technology to streamline their processes and save costs. 911 call centers, public safety, and government agencies use the technology to help protect us, using a combination of FirstNet and public cellular networks. And other organizations who value uninterrupted connectivity in their operations depend on Dejero too.

Rest easy John, no need to imagine no internet when you’ve got Dejero on your side.

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