Kraft Sports Productions and Thistle Communications Rely on Dejero for Timely Coverage of Professional American Football

January 29, 2015

Dejero Mobile Transmitters Allow Kraft and Thistle Communications to Get Video to Football Fans With Better Quality and Very Little Lag Time

NR-Dejero Launches LIVE+ VSET Vehicle-Mount Bonded Cellular TransmitterWATERLOO, Ontario — Jan. 29, 2015 — Dejero, award-winning creator of the industry’s most powerful and versatile platform of mobile newsgathering products, today announced that Kraft Sports Productions and Thistle Communications used the rugged and portable Dejero LIVE+ transmitters to send video back to the Boston production facility during coverage of the professional American football season.

Kraft Sports Productions manages all video for the team. In concert with partner Thistle Communications, which provides transmission and engineering support, Kraft crews follow a professional football team each week and gather footage leading up to and immediately following the game. The footage is used in productions such as team-specific pre- and postgame shows for TV and Web audiences.

Equipped with only the LIVE+ mobile transmitter and an HD camera, Kraft’s production crews can go anywhere the team goes to capture player and coach interviews, pre- and postgame press conferences, live reporter Q&A’s with fans, practice and locker room coverage, and more. The LIVE+ mobile transmitter encodes and transmits live or prerecorded high-quality HD or SD video using any combination of 3G/4G/LTE cellular networks, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or satellite links from any location. The transmitter’s adaptive bit rate bonded cellular encoding combines available cell and wireless networks to ensure reliable high-bandwidth transmission of the HD video.

“Die-hard fans in today’s world of instantaneous broadcasting want up-to-the-minute information about their favorite teams,” said Brian Cram, CEO of Dejero. “Using LIVE+ mobile transmitters, Kraft Sports Productions and Thistle Communications worked together to deliver dynamic content to viewers, providing a unique experience that every football fan now wants.”

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