New Dejero mobile transmitter offers first responders enhanced reliability and security

January 12, 2022

Resilient wireless connectivity solution provides high-definition, real-time video from Unmanned Aircraft Systems and other camera sources, enabling commanders to make smarter, faster and safer decisions

Waterloo, Ontario, January 12, 2022 — Dejero, an innovator in resilient connectivity for critical communications, has launched its new EnGo 263 mobile transmitter for police and fire departments that require resilient wireless connectivity in the field to transmit real-time video from any location. Reliable, secure and simple to use, the EnGo 263 introduces new features while enhancing reliability and security.

EnGo 263
Dejero’s new EnGo 263 combines Smart Blending Technology with new high-efficiency antennas and security-hardened Linux OS to provide reliable transmission of high-res tactical video in real-time for enhanced situational awareness

Like its predecessor, the EnGo 263 uses Dejero’s award-winning Smart Blending Technology to combine diverse connections from multiple providers. This patented technology intelligently manages the fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss, and latency differences of individual connections in real-time to enhance bandwidth and reliability, while expanding the areas that users can operate in. Smart Blending Technology circumvents the vulnerability of relying on a single connectivity path.

The new mobile transmitter features world-class antennas and RF design to ensure ultra-reliable cellular reception in poor coverage and crowded areas, and where infrastructure has been damaged. With high-efficiency antennas that maximize reception, the EnGo 263 delivers unmatched performance in the field, enabling police and fire departments to reliably transmit real-time tactical video so that incident commanders can make faster, smarter, safer decisions.

“With EnGo 263, police and fire departments can capture high-res video in the field and send it in real-time to the command center and field commanders over a resilient, secure connection,” explained Yvonne Monterroso, director of product management at Dejero. “With this level of enhanced situational awareness, more actionable intelligence can be shared and commanders can make more informed, quicker decisions to coordinate more effective responses and keep field personnel and the public safe.”

EnGo 263 Backpack and Wired Remote
Built-in automation and a wired remote makes it easier for personnel to control the Dejero EnGo 263 transmitter and monitor status if wearing the transmitter in a backpack

To simplify setup and interoperability with Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and other equipment, the EnGo 263 enables UAS operators to be up and running with the press of a button. Its large capacitive touch screen provides a live view, status information, and in-field control of the transmitter. Built-in automation and a new wired remote makes it easier for personnel to control the transmitter and monitor status if wearing the transmitter in a backpack.

To meet the uncompromising security and privacy demands of the public safety and government sector, Dejero has taken steps to further protect real-time video transmissions from the field. Featuring a cryptoprocessor to authenticate the hardware and a security-hardened Linux OS, EnGo 263 also uses AES256 encryption for enhanced security.

As with previous EnGo transmitters, EnGo 263 is built with aircraft-grade aluminum in a monocoque construction that is lightweight and strong, while polycarbonate ABS bumpers protect the transmitter from shocks and drops. An optional Vehicle Antenna Dock that’s shock and crash-tested, enables the EnGo 263 to be securely mounted in vehicles and attached to external antennas to boost reception.

The ability of EnGo 263 to deliver real-time video from the field opens up new opportunities for police and fire departments to significantly enhance the situational awareness capabilities of their UAS programs. Whether it’s search and rescue, disaster response, fire operations or crisis management, EnGo 263 provides real-time video when every second counts.

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