New GateWay software enhances customer flexibility

February 17, 2021

New GateWay software is here, jam-packed with new features that significantly expand our solution set and offer customers enhanced flexibility.

Here’s what’s new

With this release we expand our connectivity services offering for US public safety agencies with the launch of FirstNet on GateWay devices. Along with the enhancement of customer configuration and networking capabilities, users can now access a new interface for advanced network monitoring on GateWay devices. Updating Dejero network aggregation devices with the latest software is vital to take advantage of performance, feature and security enhancements — and this release is no exception.

Unleashing the power of FirstNet and Smart Blending Technology (SBT)

When 9/11 happened, it became abundantly clear that a single, interoperable network needed to be established specifically to prioritize US first responders’ ability to stay connected in times of emergency. From this, FirstNet was born — a nationwide broadband LTE network powered by AT&T and dedicated to public safety communications.

The Dejero GateWay is the first device of its kind as part of FirstNet’s IoT Embedded Solutions program  — now offering agencies a one-stop-shop for their hardware and connectivity services, including FirstNet. This means that hardware, software, and connectivity to commercial LTE as well as FirstNet’s priority network is all available directly from Dejero. Learn more...

“To be part of this first responder network, knowing that our connectivity technology is aiding mission-critical operations on such a scale, is incredibly important to us. The capabilities we offer to public safety and federal agencies further cements our commitment to their always on, always available critical connectivity needs in the field.” — Bogdan Frusina, founder of Dejero

And for the network admins, we’ve enhanced customer configuration and networking capabilities

For those who operate or monitor GateWay devices, faster installation times for more rapid and informed decision-making are made possible with these features:

1-GateWay-UI-Icon1 - New GateWay User Interface for Advanced Monitoring

With the creation of our GateWay User Interface — a network administrator can enable access so that users can view and customize the UI to monitor advanced characteristics of individual network connections in real-time. With up to two weeks of historical data users have more visibility to any errors and location details, as well as blended throughput and latency.

2 - Static IP and Port Forwarding

If you need to access devices that are connected to Dejero GateWay over the internet — for example, cameras or SD-WAN solutions — we’ve now enabled public traffic destined for originating UDP/TCP ports to be forwarded to specified private hosts. 

This ensures services behind a GateWay are always reachable via the same public IP address. Customers now have the ability to assign a publicly routable static IP address as the concentrator public address. This feature saves time and simplifies the configuration process, increasing the ability to control network traffic.

3 - 1-1 Network Address Translation

Now network admins interested in layer 3 network to network communications management can configure a direct mapping of traffic from the public static IP to a single private host for increased flexibility.

4-Security-Icon4 - Security Improvements

Naturally, security is always top of mind. Numerous security enhancements have been considered, including implementing disk encryption and secure boot features.

With the addition of a User Interface, and other technical improvements made to simplify network management and configuration for network administrators Dejero aims to provide more flexibility to the end user. 

With the FirstNet ReadyTM certification of the GateWay network aggregation devices, Dejero is able to offer US public safety agencies a one-stop-shop for unparalleled connectivity, taking us one step closer to our goal of providing mission critical connectivity, anywhere.

Additional Learning and Support

If you’re interested in unlocking these new features and capabilities, our software updates are free of charge with a qualifying support contract. Reach out today and our support team will be happy to schedule your updates.

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