New software, new features: How Core 5.4 helps broadcasters

Jennifer Bilton
September 16, 2020

Core 5.4Let’s face it; broadcasting will always present a unique set of challenges, regardless of where you’re located. Perhaps you’re at a fixed location and find yourself with a single network connection to work with — which brings with it potential vulnerabilities. Maybe you’re in the field struggling to communicate effectively with the control room, or on a longer shoot, worrying about a battery dying. Unfortunately, none of these scenarios are uncommon, nor do they allow you to focus your efforts on the content you’re trying to create.

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring different ways that you can improve the workflow for each of these troublesome scenarios so that you can continue doing what you do best. Watch the video summary, or keep reading below.

Scenario One: Broadcasting from a Fixed Location

AES256No matter where you’re broadcasting from, you need to ensure that your video and data is kept secure while being transported over public internet links. Especially if only a single network connection is available, you want confidence that your content is safe from being stolen, misused, or interfered with.

Our Core 5.4 software update provides enhanced AES256 stream encryption that allows you to securely transport audio and video data. AES256 encryption is the strongest and most robust commercially-available encryption standard for securing electronic data. It improves the security of video and data being sent from the EnGo 260 and EnGo 1.3 mobile transmitters, FlexPoint 111 transceivers, and PathWay encoders.

To support this enhanced encryption, you must first update your WayPoint 104 receivers, WayPoint 50 receivers, and/or FlexPoint 111 transceivers to version 5.4.1.

Scenario Two: Communicating easily with camera operators and talent in the field

EnGo-260Real-time communication from the control room to the field via IFB is essential to keeping a broadcast running smoothly. Being able to communicate seamlessly back and forth between the control room and the camera operator or other field personnel takes it to the next level.

With the Core5.4 software update, we’re introducing two-way, full duplex intercom for professional live event production. This feature allows you to have a one-way IFB channel for in-field talent, and a second separate two-way channel for the camera operator or other crew on site. This ensures that everyone is synchronized and in the loop, enhancing and improving communication and coordination between the field crew and the station.

Our easy-to-implement intercom feature is available for both the EnGo 260 and EnGo 1.3 mobile transmitters, and is supported with WayPoint 104 receivers.

Scenario Three: Long live shots

batteryA long live shot can be grueling enough on its own without having to worry about battery life. You don’t want to risk a dead battery interrupting or ending your shot.

If you understand the stress of this scenario, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Core 5.4 software update enhances the internal battery performance for the EnGo 260 mobile transmitter. Now capable of over three hours of live transmission, you can broadcast for longer than ever before. And because the EnGo 260 supports external ENG camera batteries, you have the option of also using an auxiliary battery that allows you to shoot for even longer without needing to change or charge batteries.

Always Listening, Always Improving

Your feedback is important to us; it helps us to continuously innovate and deliver new features and enhancements to help you get the most out of your investment in our solutions. Whether it’s improved resolution or just all around better performance you seek, here are additional capabilities enabled with the Core 5.4 software update.

4K UHD Encoding and Decoding

Once you update your FlexPoint 111 transceiver to Core 5.4, you can begin transmitting and receiving higher resolution 4K UHD content at up to 60 frames per second, without needing new hardware! The FlexPoint 111 transceiver supports 4K UHD in both live and recording modes so you don’t have to compromise versatility with quality.

The Core 5.4 software update also enables our FlexPoint 111 receiver to encode and decode 1080p at 24 frames per second video, typically used in film.

Support for Closed Captioning

Once you’ve updated your software to Core 5.4, your FlexPoint 111 transceiver and WayPoint 50 receiver will be able to support closed captioning. The FlexPoint 111 receiver can now receive and transmit video input with closed captioning data in the CEA-708 format at 1080i and 720p resolutions. The FlexPoint 111 transceiver and WayPoint 50 receiver can also decode and output over SDI closed captioning received from a Dejero video stream.

Performance and Reliability Improvements

If you’re currently using an older model EnGo mobile transmitter, this software update will benefit you as well. Multiple performance and reliability improvements have been made for EnGo 1.0, EnGo 1.1, and EnGo 1.2 mobile transmitters.

Additional Learning and Support

If you’re interested in unlocking these new features and capabilities, our software updates are free of charge with a qualifying support contract. Reach out today and our support team will be happy to schedule your updates.

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