The future of connectivity for construction job sites

Ivy Cuervo
September 28, 2023

IGI-blog-1920x1280From left to right: Eric Toenjes, National Market Manager, Graybar, Aaron Geiger, Chief Technology Officer, Alberici, Dean Fresonke, Vice President of Channel Development, CTS and Kevin Fernandes, Chief Revenue Officer, Dejero.

While the digital transformation in the construction sector is improving efficiencies and allowing for more data-driven decision-making, there continues to be a major roadblock at many job sites when it comes to connectivity. 

For the industry, lack of connectivity is a well known pain point. It can take anywhere from 2 months (if you’re lucky) to 6 months and even up to one year to have a network hardline installed at a job site. No internet means workers have to get creative to ensure information is captured and ConTech tools as well as various other technologies are optimized to keep projects moving forward.

“For us, reliable connectivity is instrumental to the success of our customer’s construction projects. To build higher-education facilities, corporate offices, government buildings, entertainment venues, and multi-unit residential buildings, our team uses a multitude of cloud-based systems to centralize our cross-functional project management,” said Aaron Geiger, Chief Technology Officer, Alberici. “Embracing technological advancements, including new developments in connectivity, gives Alberici an edge over the competition. Implementation of such technology streamlines our processes and creates more efficient and effective day-to-day operations on all our projects, providing direct value to our clients.”

Construction is one of the few sectors that experienced only minor impacts during the global pandemic and the subsequent economic slowdown. The North America construction market is around $2.3 trillion in 2023, and is expected to grow at 4-5% each year through 2028. 

At this year’s Industrial Grade Innovation Conference and Expo (IGI) in Nashville, leaders from across the construction industry gathered to hear from disruptors and innovators who are helping to reshape how we build the world - including what’s being done to deliver reliable connectivity at construction job sites.

“We work with contractors across North America to gain a thorough understanding of their project needs to identify areas where efficiencies and productivity can be gained,” said Eric Toenjes, National Market Manager, Graybar. “We’ve heard loud and clear that jobsite Internet and wireless service for all of the trades are a significant challenge. From BIM, voice & video and asset tracking to security & safety, communication and real-time data are key to helping contractors. Finding new ways to access reliable connectivity that is easily deployable on day 1 is critical.”

Dean Fresonke is Vice President of Channel Development at CTS, which provides custom, carrier-grade in-building and campus connectivity solutions for enterprises and mobile network operators. CTS has developed a wireless Internet access solution specifically for construction sites called SiteNet™. SiteNet creates a private 5G cellular network covering the entire jobsite that enables wireless Internet connectivity for the tablets, laptops and handsets of the construction teams. “The modular components of SiteNet allow CTS to rapidly deploy wireless Internet for any complex jobsite, be it a high rise structure or a multi-building campus," said Dean Fresonke. "A key part of fast deployments is having broadband Internet at the construction trailer to link SiteNet to the Internet. Too often, a broadband connection takes months to install, and sometimes it's impossible to get landline service to the trailer. When this happens, we deploy Dejero.”

Dejero has been at the forefront of critical connectivity for the past 15 years. Its Smart Blending Technology simultaneously blends together multiple wired (broadband, fiber) and wireless (3G/4G/5G, Wi-Fi, satellite) IP connections from multiple providers to form a virtual ‘network of networks’.


“Our award-winning and patented Smart Blending Technology delivers real-time communications from any job site on day one. Uploading data or reviewing projects from the cloud is now no longer an issue,” said Kevin Fernandes, Chief Revenue Officer, Dejero. “Our technology is already being used in applications requiring mission-critical connectivity for public safety, media and broadcast and other sectors because it is resilient, robust and more importantly it works from even the most remote and challenging locations.”

IGI-blog-2At IGI’s panel discussion “The Future of Jobsite Connectivity” Kevin Fernandes explained that whether it’s accessing cloud services or connecting your mobile workforce and remote locations to your data center or headquarters, Dejero Smart Blending Technology can create a resilient backhaul for enhanced reliability, expanded coverage, and greater bandwidth.

“Dejero and our partners offer a scalable internet solution that is fast and secure to ensure construction workers complete jobs on time and on budget,” said Kevin Fernandes. 

Reliable connectivity is critical to modern construction sites that are using iOT devices, sensors, drones, cameras, Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) tags, and cloud based systems to help with complex builds. This crucial data needs to be shared quickly and efficiently with project managers, architects, contactors and clients that aren’t physically on site - as well as to cloud-based construction management systems. Put simply, connectivity speeds up discovery, assessment, trouble-shooting and decision making,

Smart Blending Technology not only enables the set-up of internet connectivity within hours, rather than weeks or months, it also offers a cost-effective alternative to the installation of fiber lines on-site, or relying solely on satellite networks. This kind of reliable and secure connectivity enables an inexpensive collaborative workflow that streamlines communication and boosts productivity at any construction site, no matter how remote the location may be.

For more information about critical connectivity solutions for construction sites, contact us.


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