Three reasons Dejero will raise your connectivity expectations on set

Natasha Robertson
April 8, 2021

When things are “good enough”, we rarely find cause to raise our expectations — until something comes along that flips the script. Then, we look back and wonder why we made do for so long. All this to say that our expectations for what "good" is, are constantly being reset, and most importantly, that settling for “good enough” sucks.

Since the very first moving picture and black and white films, to high-resolution digital video, and now with the seismic shift to the cloud, media production technology has undergone quite an evolution yet sets remain a bit of a dark place when it comes to connectivity.

With Dejero, comes the robust connectivity that’s required to connect your set to the cloud because if you are going to create in the cloud, you need to be connected to it. Why get by on mediocre connectivity when you could have uninterrupted, rock-solid connectivity on set — wherever your set may be?

Emmy award-winning Smart Blending Technology from Dejero unlocks a new realm of remote and cloud-based possibilities for media productions by blending cellular networks including satellite, cable/DSL broadband, and Wi-Fi, to form a virtual ‘network of networks’ for the most reliable live video and data transfer the industry has ever seen.

Good enough sucks

You might not even realize it, but relying on a single-provider LTE hotspot or a failover solution is holding you back from working effectively in the cloud. Network interruptions and service degradation aren’t simply an annoyance — they can slow down your entire production, drain creative energy, and impact the overall collaboration process.

Dejero connected Subaru creatives virtually in real-time for a commercial shoot in the Rockies

The freedom to create without limitation relies on implementing a resilient connectivity backbone that can scale to suit your shoot’s unique needs. Dejero provides levels of connectivity that the film and media industry has never seen before. At the end of the day, you can be at the coolest location, ready to shoot the coolest content, but none of that matters if your connection sucks.

By connecting your set to the cloud, you unlock remote production possibilities and workflow efficiencies that provide the versatility needed to stay ahead of the rapidly changing technology curve, while also preserving the timelessness of your craft.

Skydiver uses Dejero gear to broadcast jump on live TV from 4,000 feet at of 240km/h. Credit Australian News Channel 9’s Today Show

Whether you’re shooting a Subaru commercial on a mountain top in the Canadian Rockies, or sky-diving over a bay in South Australia, using the power of Smart Blending Technology, Dejero blends connections from multiple providers including 3G/4G/5G cellular and portable satellite, along with broadband connectivity from Wi-Fi and Ethernet to form a virtual ‘network of networks’ that will simplify your remote production workflow.

Here are 3 reasons Dejero connectivity solutions are game changers for remote media production.

1) Transmit live video directly from set for real-time collaboration

Things happen, life happens, travel conflicts, grueling shoot schedules, tight turnarounds, global pandemics. Just because all decision-makers are not physically able to be on set doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the creative energy that video villages generate. In order to preserve that collective buzz, Dejero enables video villages to occur virtually, so you can still feel like you’re on set, even if you’re hundreds of miles away from it.

From the set, you can send low latency, high-resolution, live video directly to the client, agency or other collaborators anywhere around the globe. Avoid unnecessary slow downs by communicating virtually in real-time with key personnel for instant feedback and creative direction. Any changes that need to be made can be made on the fly — while the shoot is happening — saving you time and money spent on costly re-shoots.

2) Accelerate delivery of large amounts of data from set directly to post-production

Despite all the advances in technology in film and media production, many are still transporting physical drives from set to post production every day. This process leaves something to be desired in terms of security and bottlenecks the entire post-production process. We think it's time to rethink how you move your data.

It’s amazing how quickly the post-production process can begin when it's not waiting on hard drives to be delivered.  On the security front, not only are you backing-up precious content and safeguarding against the failure or loss of hard drives, but you’re speeding up the whole process.

3) Big or small, we connect them all

Whether you’re producing a big-budget feature film, a TV commercial for a local business, a corporate event, or hosting a live cooking show for charity, Dejero solutions are flexible to scale up or down based on your needs.

Dejero supported Boston based video agency, opening up a whole new world of live streaming possibilities during a cook-off fundraiser

Having a connectivity plan in advance will ensure you don’t run into any unforeseen issues, like wildly expensive Ethernet or Wi-Fi from hotels, or the issue of throttled or capped usage. Bringing your own connectivity means you always know what you’re getting. Whether you need redundancy to run a smooth, uninterrupted live event, or you need to create robust connectivity in an area with limited network coverage, what could provide more peace of mind than having rock-solid connectivity in your back-pocket?

At the end of the day, connectivity is the last thing you should be worried about. Think of it as the unsung hero, working quietly in the background and ensuring your production runs seamlessly with no network interruptions. In this scenario, out of sight and out of mind is what we’re aiming for.

It’s really quite simple, Dejero provides the critical connectivity for your limitless creativity… and that’s a wrap!

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