We’re recognized as being one of Canada’s most admired corporate cultures!

December 15, 2019

Waterstone - DejeroJust as Dejero employees are getting settled into their new expanded workspace, Waterstone Human Capital, Canada's leading cultural talent management firm, has named us one of Canada’s most admired corporate cultures in 2019! This will be our fifth organizational culture award win in 2019, a testament of how Dejero truly is a wonderful place to learn, grow, and have fun! We are extremely proud that Dejero continues to be praised for being one of the strongest places to work in Canada. 

“This award is a true testament to the incredible work, positive outlook and desire for improvement each of our team members bring to their role,” said Christine Vigna, our vice president of people and culture. “We are grateful that each of our people continue to choose Dejero as the place to invest their talents and time to help us shine as an admired workplace.”

As illustrated by some of our other award wins, we work hard at creating a culture where we put customers first, collaborate, innovate with purpose, and have fun, as reflected by our four core values. These values have had a large impact on our organization, even winning us an Emmy, and we are always striving for greatness, all while having fun!  

“2019 has been a big year of recognition for us, not just for our technology and solutions, but for building a Most Admired Corporate Culture and a Best Place to Work,” said Dejero CEO Bruce Anderson. “We are grateful for this recognition as further validation of our efforts in building a strong work environment and one that is inclusive, accepting, and supportive of everyone on the Dejero team.”

This award really is a collective team effort and we are so proud to be recognized for our strong corporate culture. The Waterstone press release can be found here.

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