Connectivity Amidst Chaos: Dejero Sparks Innovative Solutions to Help Firefighters Map and Battle Blazes

October 19, 2020

It’s no secret that wildfires are ravaging the West Coast.

We’ve seen the chaos and destruction. Families have relocated, buildings have been scorched to the ground, and acres upon acres of land have been lost. We’ve seen the news, the videos on Twitter — an entire state awash in a red hue, reminiscent of a dystopian science fiction novel.

Firefighters battle blazes during record wildfire year.Firefighters battle blazes during record wildfire year.

But it’s not a novel, unfortunately. It’s real life.

Let’s take California for example. As per a Statewide Fire Summary, in 2020 alone there have been over 8,500 wildfires. 4.1 million acres of land burnt. 9,200 structures destroyed. 31 fatalities1. And the numbers keep rising.

While most pack up and evacuate, 18,200 brave firefighters risk their lives battling these blazes. And while they support us, we need to support them.

This is where Dejero comes in

Dejero equips public safety agencies with the tools they need to manage dangerous situations in real-time. This means uninterrupted connectivity to deliver high quality real-time video and data back and forth to central command posts, and the ability to keep mission-critical communications operational, no matter what. 

As emergency response teams work tirelessly Dejero solutions simply work, providing the connectivity that responders can count on with enhanced reliability built into rugged and durable hardware.

Drones incorporated into emergency responses to better map fire’s trajectory.
Drones incorporated into emergency responses to better map fire’s trajectory.

Real-time Video from Aerial Vantage Points

Imagine the effectiveness if drone operators were able to send high quality video, in real-time, to central command posts and other teams in the field to map the fire and coordinate their response?

Increasingly, public safety agencies are deploying unmanned aerial systems (UASs) so teams can respond quickly and effectively when emergency strikes. Dejero offers mobile video solutions that work seamlessly with many UAS platforms to provide high quality streams in real-time. Having this visibility is crucial, because you can actually see the severity of what you’re dealing with — say the trajectory of the wildfire — from the safety of the sky. 

When armed with this knowledge and able to communicate it to other teams reliably, you can create an action plan and ensure that your crews are out of harm’s way. This type of situational awareness is of immeasurable value logistically, and empowers agencies to make decisions that can save time, resources, and lives.

Uninterrupted Mission-Critical Connectivity

Due to their unpredictability, when these types of fires run rampant, there is an urgent need to be able to quickly set up Incident Command Posts (ICPs). Crews need to be able to communicate frequently about the fire’s progression. Perhaps they need to do morning briefings to ensure everyone is on the same page. Perhaps they need the ability to pack up said ICP at a moment’s notice. The possibilities are endless but one thing is certain: reliable connectivity is absolutely integral. Whether it’s sending live video back to command centers with Dejero GateWay network aggregation devices to help make appropriate decisions, or retrieving vital data in the field to keep teams safe and responsive, first responders need to remain connected in times of crisis. Leading public safety organizations are deploying connected command and control (C2) vehicles powered by Dejero technology to give field commanders real-time video and data to make time-critical decisions. 

But when your operations rely on a single connection or a failover solution for mission-critical connectivity, limited reception and network congestion can leave teams cut off from the command center coordinating the response.

Smart Blending Technology has got you covered 

Dejero simultaneously blends connectivity from multiple providers to ensure this won’t happen. Using our Smart Blending Technology, Dejero is able to offer diversified and expanded coverage that no singular provider could ever offer, as well as greater bandwidth to ensure the upload and download capacity needed. 

During a year rife with disaster, and with the technology that currently exists, there is no need for unnecessary obstacles. In a disastrous situation where nothing is clear cut, reliable connectivity should be both expectation and reality. We need to provide these crews with the ability to quickly communicate, collaborate in the field and identify real-time threats. They need fast, reliable connectivity to power any and all IOT devices necessary to do their jobs efficiently. Operational responses need to be both effective and easily scalable.

Embracing new technology is the foundation for a more comprehensive first response to any crisis. Dejero has the tools to overcome these challenges, so when a crisis occurs, these brave responders only need to worry about one thing: fighting fires.

Connect with one of our solutions experts today to discuss your connectivity needs and keep your team safe.


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