Dejero and Grabyo top the remote production leaderboard at the Host and Federations Summit

June 24, 2022

The Host and Federations Summit brings together International Sports Federations, sports events host cities, and external vendors to connect and discuss opportunities to succeed in the global sports events market. This year, the summit took place in Lausanne, Switzerland, from June 7 - 9, 2022. 

Dejero joined the event with our partners at Grabyo to showcase how our technologies can work together to provide broadcasters, publishers, and media rights holders with a simplified, end-to-end solution for live video production.

Making remote production accessible, no matter where you are

When it comes to engaging today’s sports fans and audiences, creating digital content is more important than ever. Dejero’s mobile transmitters and video transport solutions integrate into Grabyo’s cloud video platform, offering live broadcast production, live clipping, rapid editing and video distribution tools. Together, we enable production teams to deliver live content to multiple broadcast, digital and social platforms simultaneously from anywhere in the world.

Grabyo chart

Dejero’s remote contribution solutions, including the EnGo 265 and EnGo 3x mobile transmitters, can reliably transport video to Grabyo’s platform wirelessly. Our patented Smart Blending Technology creates a resilient internet connection by aggregating multiple networks into a single service. 

Once the Dejero technology transports the video into the Grabyo platform, users can produce, edit, and distribute broadcast-quality live streams and real-time video clips from games and events. 

In addition to integrating with the Dejero products, Grabyo has direct integrations with all major social platforms and video players for direct video distribution and multiple third-party production tools for live graphics authoring and audience participation features. 

Unlock the power of remote production

With Dejero and Grabyo, you’ll experience more possibilities than ever for your digital content. Capture live video from anywhere, produce content from the cloud, and distribute across multiple platforms. 

Learn more about how Dejero and Grabyo can integrate to help create unique and engaging video content for your audiences.

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