Dejero makes a splash at IWCE

Ivy Cuervo
April 2, 2024

What do you get when you mix in one of fastest growing connectivity technology companies and a hardware manufacturing giant? The result is a lot of excitement over their new compact critical connectivity offering - the GateWay 3220.

From March 25 to 28, over 5,000 people in the mission and business-critical communications industry gathered in Orlando for IWCE. Dejero was there for the launch of their new GateWay 3220, powered by Dell Technologies.

This marks an important milestone for Dejero and Dell as they bring to market a device that delivers connectivity without limits. The buzz around this new product has been building since the initial announcement was made earlier this year in Barcelona, Spain at MWC.

The Dejero team at IWCE 2024 in front of the IWCE wall.

From left to right: Dejero’s Trish Eleftheriadis, Kevin Fernandes, Bogdan Frusina, Tim Shaw (Dell Technologies), and Sukhvir Grewal

A strong showing

If you were at IWCE, it’s highly likely that you heard the name Dejero at some point over the week. The GateWay 3220, along with other solutions, were showcased at multiple booth locations thanks to our partners 3AM, Graybar, Hypha, Peake, Pelsue, and Verizon. Special kudos to ESChat, IP Access, Nomad and Taoglas for their support.

A Dejero GateWay 220 in Taoglas kit with its lid open.

Dejero GateWay 3220 in Taoglas kit

Dejero experts also showcased their vast knowledge in three separate panel discussions for different applications including - “Reliable Communications in Unreliable Conditions” moderated by Graybar, “The 5G Mega-Sport Communications Revolution” moderated by CritComm Insights and “Integrating Private LTE into your LMR System” moderated by The Digital Decision.

At the LMR discussion, Dejero’s Founder, Bogdan Frusina, explained the power of Smart Blending Technology. “The bandwidth required for public safety is increasing. LMR on its own is not able to do it. A mix of broadband and LMR are needed to support mission-critical applications in the field.” That’s why, Bogdan explains, one connection is never enough. “What Dejero does is grab any and all connections that are available to you. Our Smart Blending aggregates them together to make them one single connection to the application. At the same time, it provides a quality of service for the applications on top of that. For example, GPS would have the highest quality, then CAD and then RMS. Eventually you will get to the internet which is whatever is left. It does that in real time.”

Dejero Panel discussion panelist photograph.

From left to right: Steve Miller (Chief Technology Officer, The Digital Decision), Budge Currier (Public Safety Communications Director, State of California Governor's Office of Emergency Services), Bogdan Frusina (Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer & Founder, Dejero), Brad Stoddard (Director of the MI Public Safety Comms System (MPSCS) and SWIC, State of Michigan), and Justin St. Arnauld (Associate Director - 5G and Enterprise Solution Architecture, Verizon)

Whether the topics involved the broadcast, public safety, defense or telecommunications industries Dejero’s value proposition applied to all - why depend on just LTE or 5G or satellite when you can get the best that each network offers. One connection is never enough.

The GateWay 3220 integrates Dejero Smart Blending Technology which combines multiple networks into a single managed service for enhanced bandwidth and better coverage in even the most challenging environments.

As your network edge gets even more remote, it becomes more challenging to consistently connect your people, vehicles, IoT and sites. The GateWay 3220 removes network gaps by blending a 5G, 4G and even satellite network into one uninterrupted connection.

It takes a village 

At the launch celebration on Wednesday night, Dejero Chief Revenue Officer, Kevin Fernandes, spoke before a crowd at the Half Barrel Beer Project. “Before this device, we were a hardware and software company. Through the hard work of Matt Scully and the Dejero product development team what we are able to do now is quickly deploy our software on third party devices. That allows us to move rapidly and scale faster.”

The road to the launch of the GateWay 3220 would not be possible without the hard work of many people. Dejero's Director of Network Technology Products, Matt Scully, explains just what it takes to bring a new product to market. “The Dejero team is made up of highly-talented and skilled people. It’s not just their expertise in hardware and software engineering, it's also their utter commitment and dedication to delivering excellence. I am incredibly proud of every single person who helped to make the GateWay 3220 a reality. I need to emphasize, this is no small feat for a team of our size to deliver this new form factor.”

Dejero’s Matt Scully and Rory McCabe holding a Dejero GateWay 3220.

From left to right: Dejero’s Matt Scully and Rory McCabe

It certainly takes a village. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the mighty marketing team that I have the pleasure of working alongside. It’s because of your expertise and hard work that we have built serious momentum about Dejero, its Smart Blending Technology, the new GateWay 3220 and many other solutions.

A special shout out to the team at the Half Barrel Beer Project. The drinks and food kept flowing and your venue made the launch event feel incredibly special. Everyone who attended let us know how much they enjoyed it.

Members of the Half Barrel Beer Project with Dejero’s Ivy Cuervo in front of a table inside.

Members of the Half Barrel Beer Project with Dejero’s Ivy Cuervo (First on the right side)

Last but certainly not least, a heartfelt thanks to all Dejero customers. Their feedback helped to inform the compact size of the new GateWay 3220. You asked for reliable connectivity in a compact, proven Dell edge gateway - and we delivered.

This is just the first of many. You are going to see multiple form factors in the future.

Stay tuned!

The new GateWay 3220 powered by Dell Technologies, learn more

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