Fantastic 5G and where to find it

June 14, 2022

Originally published in the FEED Summer 2022 issue.

An icFantastic 5G and Where to Find It _FEED Summer 2022_onic NAB Show moment had to be the marvellous comic strip mural boasted by none other than the Dejero booth.

Detailing a heroic tale of Dejero’s live coverage capabilities, one eye-catching frame displayed the splashy pop-art words: ‘Reliable connectivity ANYWHERE!’ But it’s safe to say that this wasn’t the only thing to talk about when visiting the stand.

Unsurprisingly, Dejero showcased its EnGo 265 launch from late last year – notable for its additional GateWay Mode – for the first time. “You can use it as a blended hotspot, so much larger volumes of data can be sent at a time, faster and more efficiently,” explains Dejero director of product management Yvonne Monterroso.

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