Which WayPoint receiver is right for you?

June 16, 2022

Dejero WayPoint receivers reconstruct video transported over multiple IP connections from mobile transmitters, decodes it, and outputs it to your desired workflow. 

Compatible with Dejero transmitters, and with multiple options depending on your needs, there’s a WayPoint receiver for everyone.

Looking for the highest picture quality?

When transmitting video in high definition, you need a receiver solution that can work for you. The latest addition to the WayPoint family, the WayPoint 3, is a four-output, 1U rackmount receiver for SDI or MPEG-TS workflows. With multi-camera support for the new EnGo 3x transmitters, the latest offering reconstructs video transported over multiple IP connections from any Dejero transmitter, decodes HEVC or AVC, and outputs resolutions up to 4K UHD. 

Saving rack space in the server room, simultaneously output up to four feeds from the same receiver:

  • 2 x 4K UHD + 2 x HD (or lower resolution)
  • 1 x 4K UHD + 3 x HD (or lower resolution)
  • 0 x 4K UHD + 4 x HD (or lower resolution)

WayPoint 3 ensures you have the technology you need to reconstruct, decode, and play out video in the highest definition your workflow supports, while giving you the reliability you want with dual power supplies and redundant storage hard drives with RAID protection. 

Tight on space?

If you’re always on the go and have limited space available for equipment, you need something to get the job done without taking too much room. The WayPoint 50 receivers fit in short-depth 19” rack systems, making them an excellent choice for production vehicles where space is a premium. They are also designed to fit in portable flyaway kits or remote production REMI carts to provide receiving capability on location. And if you need a single output at your facility, this is the receiver model to choose.

Working with SMPTE workflows?

The WayPoint 204 is a four-output receiver for SMPTE ST 2110 workflows you can trust to work how and when you need it. Decoding up to four simultaneous ingests in a single 1U device, you gain flexibility and save valuable rack space in your facility. It’s also equipped with dual power supplies and redundant storage hard drives with RAID protection, giving you peace of mind. 

View the complete tech specs, additional features, and more information on the WayPoint family page.

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