Innovating with purpose: six ways Dejero is leading the way

Emily A. Caister
April 21, 2022

At Dejero, creativity and innovation are a part of everything we do. From our early beginnings, where we enabled the first live transmission of the torch relay for the 2010 Winter Games, we knew that we could make a difference by providing reliable connectivity anywhere. 

That’s why ‘Innovate with purpose’ is a core value at Dejero. We’re always looking to challenge the status quo, learn, and evolve as an organization. Here are six stories that highlight the innovation and creativity of Dejero and its customers. 

1. Staying connected on the UCI WorldTour

For the UCI WorldTour, consisting of 37 road cycling events in Australia, China, Europe, the Middle East and North America, Dejero partnered with Team Sky to provide an in-vehicle mobile connectivity system that allowed the British professional cycling team, seven-time Tour de France winners, to receive and deliver race-related information no matter where they were.


In a sport where every second counts, our GateWay mobile connectivity enabled them to monitor live TV feeds, track live environmental data, and social media activity in its support vehicles. This allowed them to anticipate the route ahead of its cyclists and prepare support in case of a crash, injury, punctures, and other unforeseen events.

“In extreme environments, it is notoriously difficult to get connectivity to local TV or to access other forms of relevant information, and there are times and places where there can be a huge delay to accessing information due to a lack of connectivity,” said Dr. Scott Drawer, head of the Team Sky Performance Hub. “But, now that we have Dejero GateWay and its ability to connect to multiple networks and devices, we have a much higher probability of creating a communications infrastructure that enables sharing of information as close to real-time as possible while the vehicles are moving at speed—more reliably and quicker than our competitors.”

2. Delivering footage of NASA and SpaceX’s historic launch

NASA - SpaceX BuildingWhen our TV station clients needed support for the historic NASA and SpaceX launch, Dejero joined a consortium of technology providers to provide dynamic launch coverage while following social distance guidelines at the NASA press site. 

Using Dejero technology inserted into a portable rack-mounted broadcast kit at the Kennedy Space Center to deliver exceptional picture quality with low latency, our MultiPoint IP video distribution network then enabled the feeds from different cameras to simultaneously be shared. This allowed our customers to supplement their use of camera pools with additional isolated feeds in the days leading up to the launch without human operators on site.

3. Broadcasting live video—from 4000 feet

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to jump out of a plane? Well, Australian News Channel 9’s Today Show has you covered. 

As part of a segment, skydiver Matt Teager shared footage of his incredible jump from a plane into Horseshoe Bay in southern Australia. By strapping an EnGo mobile transmitter to Teager, the show could receive broadcast-quality video from 4000 ft at a terminal velocity of 240 km/h, live on morning television.

4. Streamlining creative collaboration for cinematographic productions

Working virtually in a creative industry is challenging. DITBrazil, a digital image solutions provider for commercials, movies, and TV shows, relied on Dejero for connectivity in a new virtual workflow to streamline their production process. Thanks to our Dejero EnGo and GateWay solutions, they could stream high-quality video and data in real-time directly from sets across Brazil to disparate creative teams, enabling instant remote collaboration.

DITBrazil PR-1

“With Dejero and Planatel, we have successfully executed great projects leveraging proven technology and are unlocking new possibilities,” said Felipe Delgado, founder of DITBrazil. “We are always seeking to adapt to the most diverse requirements of our clients. When the pandemic hit and travel was restricted, we tried this new workflow, with Dejero as the connectivity backbone. It ensured our customers’ creative teams could collaborate remotely with the production teams on set in real-time to provide efficient direction and feedback, as well as speeding up the post-production process. Now we have adopted this workflow ‘as the norm’ because it reduces our clients’ resources, time and cost by at least 20%.”

5. Providing critical connectivity to the San Diego Police Department at the 2021 US Open

During the 121st US Open golf tournament, the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) leveraged Dejero technology to enhance their situational awareness and eliminate the vulnerability of network congestion that can happen at high-profile sporting events like this one. 

“The SDPD drone division wanted to be able to fly anywhere along the entire golf course and transmit real-time video back into the command post and as well as to San Diego Police HQ without having to worry about antenna line-of-sight,” said Octavio Navarro, network engineer and founder of AggreGateway. “Dejero provided true mobility by allowing the drone pilot to roam throughout the course during the event while continuously transmitting video with low latency, which is crucial for real-time situational awareness. The performance was flawless, despite the congestion of the cellular networks that was caused by thousands of people in the crowd using smartphones for communications and to upload content to social media.”

6. Improving our employee experience for the future of work

HRDC-Innovative-HR-Teams-2022The Dejero People and Culture team was recently recognized as one of HRD Canada’s inaugural Innovative HR Teams for raising the bar on our culture, focusing on employee experience and engagement, diversity, equity, and inclusion, enhancing our recognition strategy, and more.

With a remote workforce and new challenges presented, we introduced a platform for employees and managers to share their gratitude through gift cards and the “appreciate” function of our HRIS to ensure employees felt recognized for their contributions. We’ve also facilitated virtual interactive “Learning Labs” as part of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programming. 

To help manage burnout and increase well-being, Flex Fridays were implemented, where employees are encouraged to take Friday afternoons off to start the weekend early and spend time with their loved ones. We also doubled our mental health benefits allotment to ensure that employees and their families can care for their mental health without compromise. 

Wondering what’s next for Dejero? We’ll be at the 2022 NAB Show in Las Vegas from April 23 - 27 at booth W2722, showcasing our latest technology and a sneak peek of our upcoming products. 

Talk to our sales team today to learn more about how our creative technology solutions can help your organization.

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