Never miss a shot with Store & Forward

Ivy Cuervo
May 18, 2023

Picture this, you’re at a breaking news event and everything seems to be going well—until your connectivity is impacted and so is your picture quality. Now, you have to deal with a pixelated, poor-quality feed on the air, plus the footage takes on a life of its own when it lands in the news pool and your news archives.

You can’t control everything that happens during a live news event but you can control the quality of the video captured with the Store & Forward function found on your Dejero EnGo.

Dejero EnGo provides options to record high-quality content anytime, even during a live event. The high-quality video clips are stored on your EnGo hard drive and ready to transmit back to your HQ when you’re ready.

Why use Store & Forward?

The appeal of Store & Forward is that you don't have to rely on the live feed that was recorded on the server back at your news studio. Instead, you have a beautiful, high-quality recording stored on the video transmitter's internal drive which can provide up to 60-hours of recording.

The Store & Forward function comes in handy in a number of scenarios, such as:

  1. Bad network conditions
    1. When you arrive onsite you will test and determine if your modems are not firing up
    2. The station or HQ may complain of poor video quality because of network congestion….
    3. You have the option to record using your EnGo mobile transmitter while doing your live hit… This is one way to record a high quality file that can be forwarded after the live events or segments.
  2. Promos, openings or footage for edits
    1. The videographer can use the EnGo to record footage while gathering with their camera and send content after the fact by playing back and ingesting the camera clips for transmission.
  3. Press scrums for news or sports
    1. You can send clips throughout an event. The clips are sent back to your broadcast facility between scrums for distributions.
  4. Live breaking news
    1. A videographer may have recorded several clips during news gathering and have the ability to transfer their video back to HQ for editing

Dejero Smart Blending Technology with Store & Forward capabilities can get you out of some serious jams and help avoid poor-quality video footage. 

Watch the latest episode of Dejero Tech Labs with Daniel Morin to get a step-by-step guide on how to use Store & Forward on your Dejero EnGo.

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