Our top 5 takeaways from NAB 2023

April 26, 2023

April; That time of year in Las Vegas, where NAB, the world’s largest annual convention for the media & entertainment and technology industries, welcomed tens of thousands of professionals from all over the globe. Over the four days, the all-star Dejero team met with the industry’s movers and shakers and took some interesting things away…

1. The hunger for 5G is REAL

The Dejero stand was buzzing with visitors with an appetite for 5G technology. It has been a year since we launched our 5G EnGo 3 mobile video transmitter and the response we’ve had from news, sports and media production customers has been fantastic. The need for 5G is real and as more 5G cell towers are erected and the coverage is wider reaching - the more excitement and more opportunities are opening up for our customers.

The big thing here for us at NAB is showing live 4K in real-time on our booth and letting people know that our mobile transmitters can be used for more than just transmitting. Now we have GateWay Mode on there and all the capability of all those 5G modems there giving you really great throughput in the field which enables more workflow options.

 - Jeremy Miller, Director of Global Technical Account Management at Dejero - NAB booth interview with KitPlus.

We use modems that support a broad range of cellular bands to enhance 5G performance of the 5G EnGos, supporting additional bands used by carriers in the US, Canada, Australia, China, Korea, and Latin America that other 5G mobile transmitters simply cannot connect to.

This NAB, we also offered visitors a sneak peak at our new EnGo 3s. This device not only carries all the powerful features of the EnGo 3, including native 5G modems and built-in GateWay mode for wireless internet broadband connectivity, but also offers 12G-SDI and HDMI connectors, providing users with the ability to handle high frame rate and 4K/UHD signals over a single cable.

Dejero Interview Image

Jeremy Miller, Global Director, Technical Account Management, speaking to KitPlus about Dejero's next-generation 5G video mobile transmitters.

2. Smart Blending Technology is STILL THE KEY

NAB visitors weren’t just looking for 5G though. They want to feel safe in the knowledge that all available IP networks can be tapped. 

Providing the reliability and throughput of a wired network while operating in a scenario requiring wireless connectivity, The EnGo 3 and EnGo 265 feature a GateWay Mode, which is powered by Dejero’s award-winning Smart Blending Technology

The patented Smart Blending Technology aggregates all the available networks, including LTE and 5G cellular, satellite and broadband to maximize reliability, expand coverage, and increase bandwidth, resulting in improved productivity of field crews by allowing them to do more remotely. 

The ability to tap into all networks, regardless of location, is absolutely key to our customers’ ability to go produce and go live.

3. Our customer support is FIRST-CLASS

It’s so important to us that our customers feel supported - and at NAB, we heard overwhelming praise from a range of organizations who have called on Dejero for support. 

We of course design our products to be user-friendly and simple to use, but in situations where there is a challenge with a certain aspect of the workflow, our talented team are always on hand to give guidance and advice. 

We’ve also helped our customers with emergency connectivity situations and business continuity scenarios - so when they come to find us and thank us personally, like they did at NAB, we know we’re doing our job and have some amazing staff that instill confidence and trust into our clients.

4. Strength is in PARTNERSHIPS

NAB gave us the opportunity to connect with our amazing partners face-to-face. We’re incredibly proud of the long-lasting partnerships we’ve developed and nurtured since Dejero formed 15 years ago. Without their influence and support, we would be less able to flex and change with the market demands and develop more efficient workflows and open new opportunities.

Grabyo for example demonstrated on its NAB booth how production teams can capture and transport video wirelessly to its cloud production platform using the Dejero EnGo 265. This partnership enables production teams to deliver live content to multiple broadcast, digital and social platforms simultaneously from anywhere in the world.

We also want to give a shout out to First Mile, Ideal Systems, Nexting, Quality, to name a few who supported us throughout the show.

A booth visit from university students at the RTA School of Media in Toronto, Canada was inspired. We appreciate your enthusiasm and love sponsoring you as the next generation of media professionals.

RTA School of Media Image

5. Be prepared for ANYTHING

Being agile to meet our customers needs has been a cornerstone of our foundation as a leading provider of critical connectivity solutions. Whether your production requires an all-remote workflow for a live multi-sport event, remote creative collaboration to a film set that is otherwise inaccessible, an uninterrupted link to a breaking news scene or if you need to access cloud-based systems, from wherever you are, reliable connectivity is fundamental. 

One connection is never enough and with reliable connectivity, our customers are prepared for anything. Dejero is pushing the boundaries to deliver reliable connectivity anywhere..

We’ve come away from NAB loaded with new ideas for different applications and workflows as a result of listening to our customers. This industry moves fast and we’re ready to respond and be ready for anything.

Dejero Crowd Image

Dejero held several live 4K EnGo 5G product demonstrations during the show.

See you next year!

We’ve already booked our stand for NAB 2024 and our roadmap is on track to bring the industry more innovative connectivity solutions. Stay tuned for updates.

Thanks to our technology partners and customers who dropped in to say hi and discuss projects - and to all the industry media professionals that came by to see what’s new. 

See you next year (if not before)!

Dejero Team Image

Dejero GateWay: enhanced reliability, expanded coverage, greater bandwidth


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