New Clip Prefix Feature on EnGo

June 4, 2018

Dejero customers continue to push for greater automation and integration and as they do, clip workflows continue to evolve. With the introduction of Clip Prefix, field operators have the power to name recorded clips on EnGo. Naming the clip prior to it arriving on the server enables automated workflows from the server to proceed uninterrupted.

Here’s how it works

Adding a prefix works in tandem with other clip features including the Auto Transfer feature. A prefix is set by the field operator, or the control room using remote control.

Default Prefix

To set the prefix, tap the Prefix button from the Record menu. Use the virtual keyboard to specify or update the prefix value, tap the checkmark button, and exit the menu.The set prefix is then automatically added to the date time stamp as all clips are recorded to the transmitter. Even with Auto Transfer enabled, a clip arrives at the server with the set prefix filename.


Single Clip Prefix

Field operators can also specify the prefix for an individual clip that has already been recorded onto the EnGo. Select the clip from the transfer menu, tap actions, and then Change Prefix.

EnGo - Change Prefix

Dejero Customer Examples

Customers are already figuring out great ways to leverage the prefix feature. Here are just a few examples of formats to identify recordings.

Source prefix
Specify the transmitter serial number as the prefix.
Field operator prefix
Specify the field operator as the prefix.
Eg. 5101234_2018-05-22_172136 Eg. Yvonne_2018-05-22_170850
Event prefix
Specify the event as the prefix.
Location prefix
Specify the location as the prefix.
Eg. RoyalWedding_2018-05-19_050548 Eg. Capitol_2018-05-03_180534

Each control room has the flexibility to define a pattern that will help search, find and organize recordings from the field as it transfers into a Media Asset Management system.

To see the full list of enhancements and fixes, visit the Support Hub via Dejero Control to download the latest release notes.

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