Take control of your devices in Dejero Control: Part two

July 20, 2022

Dejero product manager Daniel Skoog is back for a deeper dive into Control, Dejero’s cloud management system, to show you more of its capabilities. Learn about organizing your dashboard, managing return video and Control users, and exploring metadata capabilities.

Customizing your dashboard

When you log in to Control, the first thing you see is your dashboard. Learn more about this at-a-glance view, its various widgets, and how to customize it to suit your needs. 


Return video

Dejero CuePoint return video servers send low-latency, live program video and teleprompter feeds to on-air presenters, camera operators, and other production personnel in the field to help them stay synchronized with central production during live broadcasts. In this segment, Daniel shows you how to preview, share, and edit return feeds from these devices, along with other tips and tricks, in Control.



Did you know you can add preset or customizable metadata information to created video files in Control? Stay organized, save time, and make searching easier for future use by automatically adding metadata to your files. Daniel will show you how!


Find the full masterclass here. 

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