What’s new in Dejero Control

April 4, 2022

Dejero Control is our cloud-based management system to manage your Dejero equipment all in one place from a web browser. It’s an essential piece of our product ecosystem and helps our customers enhance the efficiency of their operations. 

We’re always listening to our customers and making improvements to Control to make it better. We’ve added two new features for the latest release that we want to share with you. 

Software update notifications

Keeping the software on your Dejero equipment up-to-date is key to having it perform at its best. Our team is continually working on updates to our products to enhance their reliability and the overall user experience. Previously, to check for these updates, users needed to go to the menu manually, click ‘Manage,’ and then ‘Software Updates’ to see the list of devices that had one available. 

With the latest release of Control, we’ve improved this process. To make it easier to ensure you are using the latest version of your software, we’ve introduced a new notification type for software updates. Station Admins can now set up email notifications by clicking ‘Reports’ and then ‘Notifications.’ Customize messages by selecting which devices should trigger email notifications, which Control users will get them, and how often you’d like to be reminded (one-time, daily, or weekly).

Get the most out of your Dejero equipment by automating your software update notifications today. 

Station-wide timeout settings

We know that our customers have different needs when using Control. With the default timeout setting of logging users out after 12 hours of being idle, some appreciate the ability to stay logged in for long periods. However, we heard from others that they would prefer a much shorter period for added flexibility and security for their users. That’s why we’re giving you the ability to customize Control timeout settings to your needs. 

Station Admins can now override the default timeout settings of 12 hours through a new page accessed via Menu > Manage > Stations. 

If there are other functionalities you’d like to see in Control, particularly the Manage Stations page, we want to hear your feedback. Share your suggestions with us directly through Control by selecting ‘Give Feedback’ under the Help menu. 

To see the complete list of enhancements and fixes included in this release, customers can visit the Support Hub. 

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