Take control of your devices in Dejero Control

June 2, 2022

Dejero Control is a cloud-based system that gives our users the power to manage devices through a web browser on both desktop and mobile devices. 

If you’re not maximizing the power of Control, what are you waiting for? We asked Dejero product manager, Daniel Skoog, to explore key features and offer how-to tips that will help you save time navigating devices and creating custom reports and notifications.

Filters, tags, and searching

Improve your efficiency in Control with filtering, tags, and search functionality to quickly find and organize your devices. 



See the different types of reports available to you in Control as well as how to save, automate, and export them for various uses. 


Configure your notifications to keep you up-to-date about your devices and usage limits via email. 

Device sharing

Increase your ability to collaborate with other stations, freelancers, and more by temporarily sharing your devices through Control. 


Find the full Masterclass in Dejero Control here. 

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