Reliable people, reliable products: a Dejero partner success story from Tividoo

April 11, 2022

Tividoo is a media production company located in Langenlonsheim, Germany specializing in innovative connectivity solutions for their clients. They offer an end-to-end service for organizations looking for options for live streaming, equipment rentals, on-site installation, content distribution, and more. 

The company is made up of a diverse group of professionals including engineers, installation, and network technicians. They combine their expertise with best-in-class connectivity solutions from Dejero to solve their clients’ problems and provide a seamless experience from start to finish. 

During the 2020 lockdowns, Tividoo recognized the need to move events into the digital realm. They developed, a flexible online platform for online meetings, webcasts, virtual events, tradeshows, and digital workshops. They also offer a fully-equipped event venue for up to 200 participants with everything needed to run hybrid events.

When producing a recent major sports competition involving heavy machinery and large trees, human interaction needed to be reduced as much as possible due to COVID regulations. Tividoo equipped three cameras at the tournament location with Dejero devices and then operated from a remote broadcast studio in Munich, Germany. “The Dejero devices worked perfectly and the event could take place as planned,” shares Tobias Gramm, Managing Director at Tividoo. 

Reliability is the key to their success—reliable people, combined with reliable products from Dejero. With other solutions, specialized equipment, personnel, and setup time are required to get up and running. “With Dejero, you can just arrive and you have what you need to go live,” says Sylvia Ploch, Marketing Manager at Tividoo. “It’s an easy solution. That’s the feedback we often hear from our customers.”

In summer 2021, heavy rains fell in the United Kingdom and western Germany, causing extreme flooding. When a client needed support gathering footage for news coverage, Tividoo was able to act quickly. Leveraging the Dejero technology, they provided critical equipment allowing their client to broadcast important information to its audience.  

flooding in Western Germany

Partnering with Dejero has also allowed Tividoo to grow its business. According to Ploch, “We are service providers at heart. With Dejero, we can be more mobile. It enhances our portfolio and we have another way to take care of our customers and make things work for them that we couldn’t before.”

“As a Dejero partner, you will always have someone to reach out to if you need equipment or have a question regarding their products,” shares Gramm. “Dejero products are delightfully low-maintenance which is due to them being part of a well-conceived hassle-free system that you'll come to love if you don't already.” 

Tividoo recommends Dejero to other companies looking to grow their service offerings as well. “It’s very easy to work with Dejero. There’s very little risk. It is a win-win for the customer and the company.” 

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