How to monitor live stream performance using Dejero Control

Yvonne Monterroso
June 2, 2017

The control room can be chaotic, especially before a news broadcast. You might have a number of mobile journalists live on location, waiting for their news segment. Have you checked the shot? Is the lighting right? How is the bandwidth for this shot? Making sure you get that live shot is so important, and often times it means checking and checking again to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. 


Reviewing performance and location can provide valuable information not just before the live shot, but also during the shot and afterwards.


Before the shot is truly live, Dejero Control provides the ability to preview the shot and the bandwidth availability. On the dashboard or in Grid view, Control operators can quickly see warnings and errors. In just a couple of clicks, you can adjust the setting by updating the assignment or by using remote control. Knowing this function can help alleviate stress, especially for the field operator. 

Control Screenshot

During the live shot, the same view continues to provide the information to operators at the station. Overall transport quality, duration, and closed captioning use are shown directly on the thumbnail image of the stream, while information about the output, stream health, bandwidth, and latency are provided in the view surrounding the thumbnail. The expanded view on the Live Grid in Control provides the information needed to build confidence that the live shot is successful. For a more detailed view, clicking through to the Stream Analytics expands the information further.

Once the live shot is done, the analytics can continue to provide useful information for future use. The map location can provide insight as to where successful cellular coverage is available, while quickly scanning through multiple streams can identify coverage patterns for different carriers.

Control Screenshot 2

Click image to enlarge.

As you can see, providing the right information quickly and to everyone who needs it means that anyone on the team can see what is happening, where it's happening with a live shot. Always be in the know about your live shot with these helpful features and functions of Control. 


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