More Usage Notification Options in Dejero Control

January 19, 2018

In our last release, we introduced a new feature in Dejero Control that allows station administrators to better monitor usage on their fleet of transmitters. With this release, we’ve included a few more options to help you further customize your usage notifications. If you’re new to this feature, I recommend checking out our previous blog post on how to create a new notification in Control.  

Let’s get started by covering the usage notification option for Dejero GateWay.

Station administrators can create a notification for their GateWay router by selecting Monthly GateWay Cellular Usage in Step 2 of the Create a Notification process. If you’ve selected this, you will receive an email when one GateWay router, or a pool of routers, use the defined number of Gigabytes within a month. 

Step 2 - Notification.png

We’ve also added more options to the Notification Frequency in Step 5. In the initial launch of this feature, we only included One-time as an option. Now you can select One-time, Weekly, or Daily.

With the Weekly frequency, a notification is sent once the usage amount is reached and every seven days after until the end of the month when notifications are reset.

If you selected Daily, a notification will be sent once the usage amount is reached and every day after until the end of the month when notifications are reset.

Step 5 - Notification.png

TIP With more options for notification frequency, you can create notifications that will help you continuously monitor your fleet of transmitters and GateWay routers. How so? By creating a new notification with a low data threshold and a daily or weekly notification frequency, you’ll receive continuous updates and gain real-time insights on your data usage. An action the Finance team will greatly appreciate.

As we continue to develop this feature, more capabilities will become available.

Interested in learning more about other enhancements we’ve made in this release? Based on customer feedback, we improved our user and home station management capabilities. What does this mean? The station administrator has more control to update user information. For example, if a name is misspelled or a name needs to be changed, we’ve made it easier for administrators to quickly update the user in Control.

To see the full list of enhancements and fixes, visit the Support Hub via Control to download the latest release notes.

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