How to maintain and extend the life of your EnGo backup battery

June 26, 2017
Please note: the tips included in this blog post only applies to EnGo 1.x variants. 

Did you know the Dejero EnGo is equipped with an internal backup battery?  It's there to supply power to the EnGo and the attached camera when you need to swap your external batteries. Here are some helpful tips on what you can be doing to maintain and extend the life of your EnGo backup battery – giving you years of service and the ability to swap your external battery without having to interrupt your stream.

Tip #1: Don't use the internal battery for an extensive period of time.

When fully charged, the internal lithium-ion backup battery in an EnGo has around five minutes of operation. This can vary depending on how the backup battery is maintained and if the EnGo is supplying power to an attached camera. To preserve your backup battery, it’s recommended that you do not run the unit for an extensive period on the backup battery.

Tip #2: Avoid running down the internal battery.

It is also considered best practice to avoid totally running down the lithium-ion battery all the time. Full depletion of the battery generally places a lot of strain on the battery and in the long term will reduce charge retention. To prevent straining your EnGo backup battery, we recommend charging the unit for a 12-hour period when you first receive your EnGo. The EnGo can use power from the AC power adapter or the attached external camera battery to charge the internal backup battery.

Tip #3: Charge the internal battery once a week when working in extreme temperatures.

Your EnGo has the power to protect the internal battery from being charged or drained in extreme temperatures. You should charge the internal backup battery at least once a week by connecting the AC power adapter or a camera battery for a full charge cycle, especially if you work in extreme temperatures.

The EnGo indicates when its internal backup battery is charging. While charging, you will see an icon that looks like a lightning bolt in the top left corner. If the unit is turned off and the internal backup battery is charging, the power button will flash slowly.

The table below shows the icons you will see on the EnGo screen to indicate the status of the internal backup battery.



EXT.png   Running on external camera battery. Internal battery (if supported) is full. 
CORD.png   Running on AC. Internal battery (if supported) is full.
95PERCENT.png   Running on internal battery. The percent indicates the remaining charge.
95PERCENTBOLT.png   Running on external power source. Internal battery is charging.
RED.png   Battery error or unit is not equipped with a backup battery. 

These icons only apply to the internal backup battery, and do not give the status of your external battery.

If you have an external battery connected and the percentage indicator shows the backup battery charge percentage going down, then your external battery may be out of charge or not seated properly. Re-adjust the external battery to ensure you don't run the internal battery down.

With these helpful tips, you will be able to extend the life of your EnGo internal battery. This means less time spent on replacing and servicing your EnGo and more time out in the field, going live!

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